Monday, 8 November 2010

Oscar Charlie

It's wet, it's windy and it's cold this morning but that never stops Oscar Charlie, the rescue helicopter that flies out of Sumburgh Airport, right down at the south of the island, He's just flown over the house, maybe for a bit of excercise or maybe rescuing some poor soul. Whatever, he does a good job around Shetland and is rightly loved.

Have a look at Oscar Charlie and find out all about it. It is a well loved but more to the point, a greatly needed service around the islands and the oil and fishing industries.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning and it is pouring with rain, has been all night and it's loud on my roof. Can't complain, there's no chance we'll die of thirst around here is there. It woke me about five and I lay there listening to it for half an hour before I broke down and got the kettle on. While it was boiling I went to Bright Eye and had a look around to make sure all was right and to tell everyone that the strongest thing I would be drinking today would be coffee. Hah, they haven't seen what I can do with a teabag!!!