Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tomorrow is Monday

It’s the middle of the day now. It’s been like this since kick-off this morning, bland, no wind either. The sun can’t see through the light cloud so it’s even more boring outside than in.

I think that I’ll probably remain here, sat on my backside all afternoon, getting up for the odd cup of coffee in case I die of thirst.

I suppose that Shetland is just like the rest of the world when you see it this way. Of course, it might well brighten up tomorrow. There’ll be a bit of a breeze, the sun will be beating down, prices will have trebled and your computer will be knackered.

Just the day to go out and cut the - apart from the fact that you lent the lawnmower to your neighbour a fortnight ago, a week before he moved house, taking your lawnmower with him.

Oh well, tomorrow is Monday, just perfect to break your heart on the gaffers shoulder. That is, if he doesn’t burst into tears first because the wife left him on Saturday. Nothing to do with the wife leaving but she took the car with her.

Oh no. Here comes the neighbour with the lawnmower :(