Thursday, 17 February 2011

The cashline card and the Co-op

I have found out what happened at last!!!

Remember the story about the cashline card and the Co-op? Well, it turns out that some chancers have been trying to pinch my money, accessing it via the cashline card and because of that The Royal Bank of Scotland had, quite rightly, stopped my card. The annoying bit is that they had, quite correctly, done that - but, and a big but too - the information about it had not reached me at that point in time so I tried to buy food using a piece of plastic that was nothing more than that - a piece of plastic.

It's all sorted now though, the new card is on its way here and I'm aware what has all been happening. Well done RBS!!!

But now I can't pay for the grub - can I come around to yours for dinner please?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What sort of day was today?

A good day or a bad day - well, there's a bit to consider, I suppose.

For a start I slept in and that's not the best way to kick it off, now is it? And it's Wednesday and that means that there ain't too many choices, are there?

Let me explain. You have the choice of getting the bus to town on a Wednesday at half past seven (I've possibly mentioned this before) in the morning and travel on the bus home, leaving town at ten past five in the early evening, or finding some other means of transport and if like me, you suffer from epilepsy (oh, I've mentioned it before as well) then you don't drive so you need to find other means to travel.

Well you can walk, it would keep you fit and if you timed it right then you would only (ONLY!!!) have to walk eleven or so miles to Brae where you could get the necessary bus. At least it's not Sunday though, no bus coming or going that day. Perhaps they all spend the day praying for their souls. They possibly need to (Please ignore that one Jenny.).

Or you could thumb a lift, that was what I did today and a lady that stays in the village picked me up after I'd walked four or five hundred yards. Brilliant, that was that problem sorted. Thumbs up, thank you!!!

I had come into town for a hospital appointment that would last about fifteen minutes so I went to the Harbour Cafe for breakfast and it was great, always is, my stomachs idea of paradise. Then it was off to the library, where I could go online and spend some time wastefully but happily before getting it done (I won't describe any) and then having plenty time to do the next bit of necessity - the shopping.

And this is where I got angry - very, very angry indeed.

I wandered down to my favourite, absolutely supermarket - the Co-op, walked through selecting my grub and then heading to the checkout. It was all added up as I put it in the bag and the girl gave me the total. I pulled out my wallet and handed her my card, only to be told "No, sorry". I was a bit put out because I had checked it this morning. I suggested she put it through again and she did - and came back with the same. I needed the food so I wasn't in a position to say "Stuff it" and walk away so I paid cash for as much as possible and left the rest behind.

I was a bit put out so, as I walked out the door with only half the food required, I decided to pop down to the bank and find out just what the score was. The first question to the teller in the bank was to tell me how much was available from that account. His immediate response to that, after checking, was two thousand, get the idea, plenty to pay for a weeks food so what had happened there? Had the Co-op made a mistake or was there a problem with their BT link to the British mainland where the Royal Bank of Scotland would deal with all the payment malarky, or was it the Bank themselves?

Whoever made the mistake made a big one. There are now people in the shop who saw what happened, what do they think? I have to go back to "a shop" tomorrow, probably a different one and get the food that I tried to buy today.

I will contact each and everyone of them and complain profusely, making a real nuisance of myself and I'll stand proud for doing it too. If we don't then what will happen? That's right - nothing!!!

Then I got the bus home. Thank God for that!!!