Saturday, 7 April 2012

Life is a disaster

Life is a complete disaster - or it was anyway. I picked up a bug from somewhere and it made life on the computer absolute hell. It's all cleaned up now but I wish that I knew just who inflicted it on me, I'd be right around to tell their mother.

I work as a Moderator on another site and the Administrator was good enough to suggest that I try Malwarebytes so that was what I did and it sorted the problem out perfectly.

No doubt the bugs will be back but I can now deal with the problem.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Trying to clean it up

This is cracking me up. It has probably happened to just about everyone else, possibly you so you'll understand. All day my computer has been bugge, whoops, how do you say "Buggered" without offending anyone?

I usually use my desktop but today, for some reason, I picked up the laptop and it just was not quite perfect. This won't affect you because, as I understand it, it all has to go through Google so should come out the other side shining bright and smelling of roses.

I've spent about four or five hours trying to clean it up and all that I can definitely say is that the lid is shining now. At least that's progress anyway.

Until I find the solution to the bugs that I have on board then I'll probably remain silent. Don't worry, I will return, like it or not :))
It's only eleven in the morning and I'm blooming starving. It's a bit ridiculous as I've already had a decent breakfast.

I'm not going to fight any longer though. Lunch will be kipper, carrot and potatoes and it'll taste great. No point chapping on the door in hope as there's only one fish that I'll admit to.

The problem is that I'll end up having dinner at about two-thirty in the afternoon.

Hope that you all enjoy your morning coffee - and please don't tell me that you're starving too.

Wonder if Alex likes kippers, should have thought about that before I only put the one in the pot :(

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Scottish Independence

Quite an interesting poll is being run by The Scotsman at the moment. It’s a simple Yes/No question, “Should the independence referendum be brought forward from 2014?"

At present, 61% of the people that have taken part have said no and that’s quite a good answer, I believe. Alex Salmond set the date in the first place and there is no reason to cause an argument about it, there is no reason to rush into it and there is no reason to screw it up.

Personally, I'm looking forward to escaping fom the U.K. It does nothing but cost us money and get us into wars.

And don't forget - It's our oil, it always has been.


I live on my own and that's ok, it's my choice and I'm happy but I've just seen a thing about ferrets and it fair rattles the memory.

When I was but a youth, three or four decades ago, a couple of friends kept ferrets, one as a pet and the other friend had more sporting intentions. The intentions never came off, it was really a pet but both ferrets were well looked after.

Coming across them on the computer, I've started to wonder, should I, at my age, could I???

It would stop me getting lonely and talking to myself. You know how people point and snigger if you do that in public :)) 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wind Power Coming On

Viking Energy has the go-ahead to to put up approximately 103 wind turbines here in Shetland. That produces enough power for 175k people but there are only 22k living here in Shetland. The remaining power for 153k will be, in effect, pumped down to Scotland.

That means a profit of something like £30m per annum for Viking Energy Partnership. That is split up and Viking Energy Ltd own 50%.

That breaks down again. Shetland Charitable Trust have 90% of  of Viking Energy Ltd. That means that Shetland Charitable Trust are going to receive a very healthy income from the wind power that is produced, without polluting or destroying the Island.

Good, eh :))

Sunny Shetland

I've cocked it up again. A real beezer this time but I suppose it's something that we all can do. The trouble is, sleeping in this morning has been timed really badly. I woke up twenty minutes ago, sprang out of bed and immediately realised just what the weather was like.

The snow is but history, there is no wind at all and the sun is beating down, just ready for me to get a cup of coffee out there to top up my permanently sun-burnt skin.

I reckon that, come ten o'clock I'll have it all done and I'll be out there, basking in it.

Oh, I nearly forgot, Scotland. Shetland sends its regards :))

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Private Eye

Have just spent the afternoon with Private Eye and laughed the whole way through. It's been that long since I've seen it but I hadn't forgotten all about it.

Spring has been cancelled

Right, that's it - spring has been cancelled and we're back into winter.

Please keep your fingers crossed for the trees that I love (Jings, Shetland can be difficult at times). Have a look at the Beebs definition of disaster ;)

Monday, 2 April 2012

They're young, very spiky and in really good health

Tomorrow won't be much different, I don't think. It really has been on and off, on and off all day and it doesn't look like changing much.

The piccies that I promised of the new forest in the huge back garden will turn up but the way that things are going it may well be a bit nearer to July before they get taken. That's Shetland for you.

The trees do cheer me up though, they're young, very spiky and in really good health - at the moment. Hopefully I'll get the pic's taken before things change. Last year they took no time to go downhill and the worst bit was the fact that I never really worked out what happened or why.

Fingers crossed, this years trees will be better :))

Jocky Wilson

I hope that Kirkcaldy, in Fife, shows some respect at three o'clock this afternoon. It's Jocky's funeral at Kirkcaldy Crematorium and he deserves some respect. I'll be silent for a couple of minutes, please show him some respect too.

He was a big man for Scotland, doing well both in and for darts. He'll be remembered for a long, long time.

Keep smiling, Jocky.

There was a bit of sunshine

I was outside, putting the rubbish out and having a chat to my neighbour while enjoying the snow that fell during the night. The surprising thing was the fact that it didn't feel cold. That was probably because there was no wind so it wasn't driven into you.

There was a bit of sunshine when I was out, it was just peeking out between the clouds again, bringing some hope to the sky. A good look at the weather forecast before we see what happens next will be a sensible thing to do, I think.

Ah, just looked out of the window. Don't think I really need to look at the forecast - it's snowing again and it's April - surprise, surprise!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I think I've worked it out (with a pencil)

I think that I've worked it out. I did it with a pencil, haha.

No, seriously, I've been thinking about the death of last years trees. They were planted at the front of the house which means that they get much less sunlight. Once they have grown a bit they'll then get a bit more sunlight, enough to generate enough energy to get by in life but they never got the chance, they keeled over and died in the winter.

That happened primarily due to ignorance on my part but I've learnt my lesson and this time they are all around to the other side of the house where they will hopefully get enough to survive on. I've put a couple of last years around too, and one is improving more and more. It's slow but it is happening.

Now I know that they find UV light beneficial, I'll save up for a suntan system and in a decade they'll reach up to my waist, no problem :))

Had a wee look out of the window

Just had a wee look out of the window to see the trees that got planted yesterday and jings, they do look good!!!

I'll be out soon, making sure that they're watered and, more importantly, that they are managing to cope with the wind that is so natural to Shetland. It's blowing quite strong this morning and they won't be settled in properly yet, so a little TLC will do them no harm at all.

I like the idea of having the pair at the front door again. When I put the pair there last year, I enjoyed seeing them every time I went in and out and I'm looking forward to that again.

Just thought that if the pair do well over the year, they'll make a lovely pair of Christmas trees at the door but we'll have to wait and see.

Oh and look at the time. I'm going to miss the church again :))