Saturday, 31 December 2011

BBC Weather

Just stopped by the BBC Weather site and as usual it was tremendous - if you speak either English or Welsh. If you speak either Scots, Gaelic or Shetlandic, and they are all areas covered by the BBC, then you're buggered. You can sit and look at the forecast, all the nice pictures etc and understand nothing.

Has the head of the BBC got a taff on the side because I can't think of any other reason to provide purely Welsh if English is not your first language.

Another reason that the telly licence is a waste of time.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hillswick today

Hillswick today has been absolutely beautiful - mild, still and the sun shining on us at approximately 1.00 in the afternoon. What more can you ask for at this time of the year, apart, of course, from Ms Patel at the BBC getting rid of Capita. The Scottish North Harassment Division of T.V Licensing, nee Capita, have let me down again and not inflicted themselves, legally or otherwise, upon me because I don't have a telly licence. Wonder why that is. Not quite up to standard if they don't pester you and inflict themselves upon you with absolutely no justifiable reason whatsoever, is it?

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

TV Licence Man fiddling about

I found this on Youtube. It certainly goes to show how little the T.V License man knows about his job. I wonder if he can play the fiddle and fiddle about at the same time.

A beautiful morning

It really is a beautiful morning today, sun up at about ten past nine and the wind down too. The wind is forecast to rise to approx 46mph at midnight tonight so it's well worth considering starting to prepare a cold New Years Day dinner today - while the power is still on.

It might not be on for long though. After all, there are no promises in life, are there!!!

Oh, and I've just realised, I'll have to get on to Ms Patel at the BBC. The Scottish North Harassment Division of T.V Licensing have sent no threatening letter today. Is that what is really paid for by the BBC, a half-done job of threatening people that don't watch T.V. After all, they are expected to do a full and complete job.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Shetland News : Electricity supply and powercuts - 11 - Shetlink

Zarin Patel, of the BBC

I popped around to Capita's site just now, to see what utter garbage they have been coming out with and I came across this on their page.

"Zarin Patel, BBC Chief Financial Officer, said: 'This contract represents great value for the licence fee payer. Capita's bid was the best both in terms of innovation and efficiencies and  so offered best value for money. The success of recent efforts by the BBC and TV Licensing to encourage people to pay via     Direct Debit and use self-serve channels such as the web has   enabled us to re-structure the new contract to realise the     savings benefits. Additionally, savings have been achieved by  consolidating what were previously two contracts.'"

Let's be honest now Zarin, T.V License, nee Capita are harassing, offensive and obnoxious. I don't watch the telly but that doesn't stop them sending threatening letters, time after time after time. From now on, I think that I'll forward them on to you. I'd be grateful if you would justify each and every one that comes through my letterbox.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Imagine - the power's back on!!!

Quarter to three on Christmas Day the power went off and stayed off for twenty-six hours, coming back on at ten to five this afternoon. It probably went off because of the wind that was gusting between 90 - 100 mph. Wind is a problem to the electricity supply which is delivered above ground and has been, to this area, for approximately thirty-five years.

Talk about technology. We're about thirty-two miles from the power station, power supplied above ground, not under, power cuts averaging about once a month, that last between a few minutes to a couple of days. Around here we have electric lighting, heating and I also have an electric cooker and in reality it's worth about as much as a chocolate watch.
What a marvellous power station, sending top quality electricity nowhere near me to destroy the turkey that I threw out for christmas. I'm sure that I wasn't the only person to enjoy cold pie and beans for dinner yesterday, followed by a Boxing Day tin of coke today, perfectly chilled to room temperature because the fridge-freezer was off like everything else, that went with the sandwich, after the cornflakes to start, when today's lunch was enjoyed while looking out the window, watching the horizontal rain pour past.

I just hope the people that provide delivery of electricity enjoyed the same 
Christmas that I did.

Next year I will be buying a cooked turkey because considering the crap 
service that is provided around here, it's not worth taking the risk.