Thursday, 2 February 2012

The BBC, dodging around, avoiding the problem!!!

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I said that I was writing to the BBC because I was being hassled, threatened and abused by T.V Licensing, the company that they employ to ensure that everybody buys a T.V licence, whether they need one or not. Well, the Beeb have responded:

I didn't write to Gareth Brennan but I'm sure that he's doing his best. If you remember, I wrote to Zarin Patel, the lady who spent a fortune taking Capita, nee T.V Licensing on to threaten and abuse all the people that don't have a licence. Like me. Whether they watch the telly or not. But she is obviously much too important to deal with this minor nonsense. Either that or she is illiterate. I've written back:

 Ref CAS-1265088-68PXRG

 Dear Ms Patel

 I wrote to you some time ago regarding Capita, trading as T.V Licensing, who continue to operate in an offensive, threatening and abusive manner – on your behalf. Gareth Brennan has suggested that I have to contact them directly but that is wrong, isn’t it.

You are the company that is paying them to operate in this manner therefore you are the guiltier of the two, in that you went out looking for a company to do the dirty work for you and I understand that you have kept them on for a second period. They obviously must have been fulfilling your requirements. As their employer, it is now you that I have to turn to because dealing with them is a waste of time. All that I have ever been told by them is that I have to inform them yearly that I still do not watch the television.

Wrong. I do not need to do anything and I certainly do not need to receive their red-lined threats.

What do you propose doing about it?

Yours faithfully

I wonder what will happen this time, will Zarin respond herself or will she fob it off again?

I'll keep you posted!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Up Helly Aa last night

Did you go to Up Helly Aa last night? The weather was good for it and there was a good turn-out too. Another wonderful celebration!!!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Up Helly Aa

Anyone that has access to the BBC news channel, I believe they are showing segments of this years Up Helly Aa live tomorrow from 17.30 (31st January) onwards, until it finishes later tomorrow night.