Saturday, 28 January 2012

Aurora borealis

The northern lights, showing in Walls, Shetland, UK, four days ago.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A beacon for progress!!!

As Alex Salmond said, a vote on independence will be Scotland’s biggest decision for over three hundred years and he plans to hold the referendum in 2014. He also stated that Scotland can be a “beacon for progressive opinion south of the border.”

Mr Salmond will be back in Scotland today and he will let us know what he has planned regarding his intentions for the referendum on independence in two years time.

As he has said, “This is the biggest decision for Scotland to make in three hundred years. As I'll be laying out tomorrow, I think we should do that in a careful and considered timetable.

I don't think we should rush at it. I think we should have time to explain the arguments, to debate the thing thoroughly and then come to a conclusion as a country."

Personally, I see a beacon, standing tall and glaring its light in Scotland, showing us the way to prosperity, employment and health, where any problems that occur are not those that are maliciously inflicted by the so-called “British” government.

We will be better as a nation alone!!! 

Please consider joining the Scottish National Party and help look after your country!!!