Saturday, 20 August 2011

How long will the summer last this year?

I enjoyed spring a lot this year, it was really nice - calm and warm. I must admit that it was so good that in the middle of April, up in Unst, I whipped of my breeks and jumped into the sea. It would be fair to say that it was refreshing.

Since then it has remained quite good, no sunburn but summer hasn't finished yet. With luck it'll last well into October because it always helps people's mood, if nothing else.

A recently planted Black Hawthorn has unfortunately been damaged by one of my friends. I won't tell you what Chris's name is but he was doing the lawn and buggered the tree with the strimmer. It's so thin and young that I'm going to try to get it to root again and hopefully get it back in for the spring next year. It was planted a few months ago and was coming on so well, fingers crossed that I can save it. If anyone has any tips on it I'd be grateful!!!