Friday, 15 June 2012

Feeding the birds

The bird-feeder was empty so, obviously, the birds weren’t spending too much time in my back garden. I can’t say that I blame them for that but I do like to see them so I decided to deal with the problem.

I went into the shed and there it was, the food for all the birds. I decided to take it round to the back garden and fill the feeder there so around to it I went with the feed.

When I got there I laid the big bag of bird-food down and turned around to get the feeder to fill it up.

 Guess what happened when my back was turned?

Yes, you’re right, the big bag fell over and the feed inside poured out, lots and lots of it, bird feed so not that easy to get back into the bag, especially when the grass hasn’t been cut for a while.

I did my best though and filled the feeder too. After all, that was the job that I was there for.

But the amount of food for the birds that has been left on the lawn is working well, the birds love it.

They go nowhere near where I intended though:))