Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Was it "So little time, so much to do!!!" or the other way around???

Lately, I’ve been teaching myself to knit and it’s been quite rewarding. I suppose that I’ve done it for two reasons – firstly, to keep myself busy. I think that we all have the problem when there is nothing to do. Well, the knitting should help to cure that, even if it’s just finishing a pair of socks. Oh, and I’ve got two left feet so I’ll only knit left foot socks and secondly so that I can have exactly what I want. But it will give me a lot to do. You know what it's like, an idea comes into your head and off you go, looking for whatever it was that you thought about and you walk for miles and miles, finding yourself halfway across Europe by the middle of the afternoon. You haven't seen what you're looking for and there is no bus home. Well, this should be it sorted.

 I’ve also decided to learn a second language. With the chances of Scotland going it alone being quite good and that giving Shetland a better chance of doing the same, I’ve decided to teach myself to speak Norwegian. It shouldn’t be that hard as Shetlandic has a lot of similarity with Norwegian. The spelling is immensely different I think but I’ll find out as I go. Any success at either and I'll be full of it, spewing out all the guff incessantly no doubt.

If you get bored, just put the kettle on, I take two sugars, by the way.

Sunday, 26 February 2012