Thursday, 6 December 2012

I had plans

Today, my perhaps shrunken mind was full. It was full of plans to go rushing out and grab some beautiful snapshots of the freshly laid snow and the sun bouncing off it, making the whole place really bright and beautiful.

Linlithgow Castle
Aye, that will be right. It's rained off and on all day and the sun has been hiding behind the clouds the whole time. Pity that I didn't put a little more effort into it yesterday when it was just as I needed for spot-on photo's all day but I was too bloody lazy to go out and get them.

The picture was taken a couple of years ago. It's Linlithgow Castle, down in central Scotland. It's the snowiest that I've got to show at the moment.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Brilliant weather

I love the snow. I know that, at my age, I really should have grown up and got over it now but it's been snowing off and on for a couple of days now and it's brilliant.

I just hope that it lasts like this for a good few months :))