Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sorry, I forgot....

With all the wang-dang about Up Helly Aa yesterday, I forgot to mention that after doing most of my shopping at the Co-op, I popped over to South Road and went into Tesco for some cheap burgers for dinner last night. Now I'm a little horse.

Having said that, I do prefer My Lidl Pony :))

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Up Helly Aa again

It's Up Helly Aa today and I'm grateful that this year I've made no attempt whatsoever to be in Lerwick tonight to see the men marching through the town and the burning of the boat at the end of the march.

Normally, I wouldn't say that. Usually, I would want to go along and see the march and the burning of the boat followed up by a really good evening, sociable in the extreme, where everyone, the men that did the march and the people that went to see it, is happy and friendly but tonight, unfortunately, the weather is not perfect. It's pouring down with rain outside my house. I'm thirty-five miles away from town but suspect that it will do exactly the same in Lerwick.

Ah, well - that's life, I suppose. I bet that it will still be a great evening for all that are there.