Friday, 24 December 2010

Tomorrow it's Christmas

Tomorrow it's Christmas, yes, just a few hours now and Santa will be here. I wish you a very, very happy and sober Christmas everyone and again a  happy and sober New year. With any luck Santa will be good to you

Can't get much closer to Christmas

Thursday, 23 December 2010


Last night, in Edinburgh, I had my jacket stolen and in the pocket was my mobile phone. I had gone to meet two or three guys that I hadn't seen for oh, ten years. We've been friends for thirty-odd years and a good time was had by all - and then I realised that my jacket etc was gone.

It was ten degrees under so it was a chilly trip home. I will buy myself a jacket and call it a Christmas present. Then I'll buy a mobile phone and call it life.

Hope they enjoy their Christmas, if they had let me know I'd have wrapped them up and stuck them, well I'd have stuck them somewhere near the tree, I'm sure that you understand.

But let's not moan all day, eh!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

I love the snow!!!

What a beautiful day, sun and snow, doesn't get much better!!!

Many, many years ago I used to sell juice in this town. Never noticed the beauty then.

My house isn't as big as this but my windows ain't as draughty!!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Check out the crack against Julian Assange He, and Wikileaks are being screwed for bringing out the truth. The big boys think they can do as they like and they have the arrogance to call their actions proper. Greedy power-freaks protecting themselves.

It brings out the truth about these bastards, doesn't it.

Snowing - on a Sunday?

Yesterday I got to my destination and after Aberdeen harbour starting to ice over and the road down being covered in snow, I decided to tell everyone that it had been a good trip down (regardless of what I thought) and ask if the kettle was on. Hmmm...had to do it myself!!!!

Now it's Sunday and it's snowing - oh, great, I love it!!!

But the love of my life is on the way home and the relevant weather report is not too good, fingers crossed that she and the wee man get back alright. I'll keep you posted!!!

While we're waiting I think I'll do what I usually do, I think I'll put a record on. It's getting more and more like Radio Two around here every day!!!