Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday, wet 'n' windy!!!

Today I had an appointment at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. Sounds strange on a Saturday but there you are, I suppose they must have been busy. I got down by bus, on time, saw the doctor and then did the necessary - I went to the Harbour Cafe for an all-day breakfast, marvellous, I loved it, made the trip worthwhile.

Caught the 1400 bus home but the problem is that it stops in Brae, approximately twelve miles from home. If I'd waited until the 1710 bus I would have been taken all the way but....... "Oh well" I thought, "time to start walking!!!", but after maybe half a mile a car pulled in beside me and offered me a lift. Sorted, home in fifteen minutes, brilliant. What more could I ask for? Didn't have to walk very far in the wind and rain!!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

A couple of pictures from my doorstep!!!

These snapshots give an idea of the beauty around the area that I live in. All but one are views taken from no more than a mile from my front door.

 The photo on the right was taken from about two or three miles from where I live, on the left, behind the cliff.
Hope you enjoy them all, it is a beautiful place to live.

The end of October.

It's now the end of October and the days are getting shorter but it's not very cold, the winter is still a day or two away. Today there is no wind, the sky is bright although the sun won't be up for more than about another three hours or so. Fingers crossed that it will last for a few days.