Saturday, 31 March 2012

At the back of six, as expected!!!

The Austrian Pine arrived at the back of six, as expected. I'd eaten before they arrived so was  ready for action, right on time.

I was pleased with the trees that turned up, nice healthy looking wee things. I certainly hope that they are more successful than the Scots Pine that I planted last year - and then spent the next eight or nine months watching them gasping for breath and keeling over. I never decided whether to cremate them or turn them into their own coffins, they're on the other side of the fence, waiting and turning into peat while I make up my mind.

At the front door are another pair of pine to make up for the pair that lived the longest. I moved them into the back garden a while ago as they were gasping for breath too. One of them has possibly improved a little but you know what always happens, they smile before they die.

Hopefully, the sun will be out, at least for a while tomorrow so that I can take thousand upon thousand of snapshots of tonights work and flood the internet with them so everyone will understand why I no longer charge tu'pence an hour to do the gardening for them as they stretch out in the sun with a great big cocktail in one hand and a cigar that ensures an early, painful death in the other.

Remember those trees

Remember those trees that I was talking about yesterday?

Well, they didn't turn up on the last bus yesterday. Probably had a bit of a night on the town before they turn themselves in tonight. Olaf, of Plantiecrub has dug the the Austrian Pines up and is dropping them off at the bus station today so that Jenny, the best bus driver in Shetland, can ensure that she gets them here tonight at the back of six. I'll have an early dinner myself so that I'm ready for them.

There is, of course, possibly a bit of a problem ahead. It's pouring down with snow at the moment, with the sun just peeking in now and again, so I'm a bit unsure just what to do with my mini-forest. I'll check up on that before I know how to get it wrong. They'll all tell you that it's guaranteed, I never get it right.

Ach, I shouldn't get so paranoid, if it's still snowing when they get here then I can always put them in a pot with some peat and let them settle until the Autumn comes in.

Then I'll have no excuse not to plant them in the snow.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Little Boxes

Neolithic man cut down all the trees

If there are any tree-freaks out there, I'm hoping that there will be ten Austrian Pines on the bus tonight - and before you get it wrong, no, they are not visiting and that's not why I've got the dinner on :))

I have a big thing about the fact that here in Shetland, neolithic man cut down all the trees to build houses (That's where D.I.T.T got it from ;) ) and to burn for heating and cooking, unfortunately using them all up. That's not all bad, if they hadn't then where would we have got the peat from but it has meant that Shetland has not had a reasonable amount of trees for a long, long time.

Because of this, I like to get a tree or two on the go. It's always obvious to me that, because of where I live, a few trees around help to break up the wind that comes in from the sea or the ocean.

So, with any luck, they will have been put on the bus for me and will arrive at the back of six.

Then I'll spend ages getting them planted and eventually I'll be living in the middle of a forest. 

Shetland Islands Council Election

At last they have the names together now for the election to the Shetland Islands Council (S.I.C). Forty-three candidates have put their names forward, including a couple from the Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”.

Personally, I’m grateful that the Scottish Christian Party are not dancing and singing about christs lordship up here in Shetland North. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and as an atheist I have nothing against these people but I would not be in the same position to avoid them if they were here.

I hope that Billy Fox, who is independent, gets in. He will do a lot of good for Shetland South.

Back to Shetland North, I’m sure that whoever gets the vote will do a splendid job for us, as long as they agree with me of course :)) 

A new article about Shetland

I've just picked up a new article about Shetland being the best place to live and I agree. It's socially problem-free  because everyone is pretty much equal around here. It is a healthy place to live with both the air and the sea being cleaner than they are down south.

Have a read of Shetland best place to live in Scotland claims survey, and find out how people feel about it. It might surprise you.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Don't go to work on Monday

Oh no - I've just spotted the forecast from the Met Office. Don't go to work on Monday, don't go to school then either, even if you're the Janny!!!

If you do go to work or school, even hospital for heart surgery or to get those warts (we won't mention where they are) removed, then it's guaranteed that you won't miss the snow that's forecast for Scalloway because the minute that they put out the forecast, it's a racing certainty that the wind will change direction or the temperature will go up to crazy levels - unless you go to work, school, hospital, church, in fact, if you go to church then you'll get snowed in for a fortnight and when you do finally get home you'll find out that the wife, husband, lover, whatever has left you so that they could get it together with your wife, husband, lover, whatever.

So, that's you all warned ;)

Water the trees???

The new spray gun that I ordered, to water the trees that have just been planted in the garden, has arrived.

And it's raining. Could have guessed that one, I suppose. Just as well that I forgot to put on the suntan lotion and iron my shorts. Ironing the suntan lotion and putting on my shorts would have been more use.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Tories have got wind and it's embarrassing them too!!!

The nice, sunny weather that we've been enjoying over the past few days just hasn't been around at all today and to boot, it's been pretty chilly as well. Personally, I reckon that the Tories have got wind, they know what we think of them and how loudly we're going to tell them to bugger off when we go for independence in 2014 so they've banned good weather here in Shetland.

I've also heard word that if any good weather should get in, they're going to put income tax up too - and not just by a couple of penny's in the pound. No, it won't be so easy at all. It'll be more like for every pound that you earn, they'll want two.

I've known them all my life and I've always known them as greedy buggers.

And they get worse, day by day.

An independent Scotland won't miss them at all.

Viking Energy wind farm

Jings, there is potentially a lot of money to be made by the creation of the Viking Energy wind farm. Ask yourself this; how often is Shetland short of wind to drive the turbines that will generate the power.

There is no fuel used to generate the electricity that we all live on here if we use wind power. We will not be polluting, using anything dirty or destroying anywhere as the electricity is generated.

There is a vast amount of money to be made here, from using the plainest, simplest generation of the electricity that we all use for various things. The area is possibly going to see many more methods to create business and therefore employment.

But will they stop the power cuts that we suffer all the time?

I doubt it, I very much doubt it!!!

It's ridiculous here in Shetland

I think it's ridiculous here in Shetland.

As soon as you forget to pay your council tax, they turn the wind on again.

And they turn it on strong and no mistake!!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Laura Marling - Blackberry Stone (live)

Honest but lazy, nothing at all wrong with that, is there?

It was absolutely gorgeous in Lerwick today so I stayed there and enjoyed myself as much as I could. The sun was beating down on us and it was really warm. Considering where Shetland is and that it is at the same latitude as Iceland, today was good.

It was just as good when I got home, the sun basking down just the same but I'll be honest, I couldn't take any pic's because I had to get dinner on, water the trees that have just been planted in the garden and, and, and, and what was the other reason? Oh yes, just about forgot the fact that I'm too damned lazy.

Honest but lazy, nothing at all wrong with that, is there?

The fact that the weather was like it was today and the day was spent dragging around places like the Co-op is a heart-breaker. If the day had been different then I'd have been sunburnt at home.

If it is the same tomorrow then I suspect that I will find at least a little time to top up the sunburn, suntan, call it what you wish, I luv it!!!

I'm going all the way into town

I slept in this morning but that 's ok because I'm going all the way into town on the ten o'clock bus to refill the cupboard before starvation takes over.

When I'm in Lerwick, I'm sure an idea or something like that will come to mind so I'll head to the library where I can get the use of a computer and I will make sure that I am no better and no worse than yesterday.

The bus service is a bit limited though. Tuesday and Thursday there are plenty of buses. Two in the morning that head for town and another two in the afternoon heading home, after a fashion, if you get my drift.

Right, better get going or I'll be walking in!!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

I am a very lazy bugger

I'm going to have an early night tonight, mainly because I am a very lazy bugger. At least I'm honest and up-front about it though.

It's just been one of those days though. Perfect for sitting outside, enjoying the sun and topping up the tan - well, hopefully getting it started this year.

Sun will go down at about, ooooh, half past seven and as I've already had my dinner I'd better rush for my two and a half hours worth of sunshine, dedicated of course towards a suntan.

Night night ;)

They've done it again

They've done it again. The BBCordless have been at it again. You couldn't believe it, could you? I find it a bit difficult myself but hey, it's a lovely sunny day. You don't hear many complaints when the sun is out, do you ;)

I doubt that you'll hear much from me today because I'll be topping up my non-existing (Yet!!!) suntan and watching the Scots pines that I moved into the garden yesterday dying graciously - or possibly they will just tell me to bugger off, we'll see :)

Another week

Oh Jings, it's Monday morning and the bloody sun is out again. I bet that they charge us for this. Do they switch it off at lunch-time out of spite?

Today will be cool, probably cool with no wind, regardless of what the BBC say, and there will be no rain, we can't afford the water.

Right, time to investigate the political disaster that they have impaled on us this week.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

RIP Jocky Wilson

If anyone reading this has ever enjoyed playing or watching someone playing darts then you will know Jocky Wilson. Unfortunately, he passed away last night.

He wasn't what would be called an old man, he was only two days into his sixty-second year but he did have problems with his health.

Don't give up Jocky!!!
Oh look, what a surprise. Goodness gracious me, they've done it again.

The BB Collective have a wonderful weather forecast that tells smashing stories about what it might be outside their window at that point in time, otherwise forget it.

They have been forecasting fog all morning in Hillswick, where I am and the sun has boomed down.

They reckon it will be sunny from 1600 onwards and I hope it is, I hope that they are right but I'm taking my brolly, just in case.

Oh, and I'll be telling everyone about the bollocks that you hear from the BB Concept.