Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I missed it!!!

I missed the lunar eclipse today. It was only half my fault though. I forgot when to look for it but it was all cloudy anyway so it was hardly visible.

I checked up for the next one to miss, either by forgetting to look in my diary or by bad weather making it impossible to see here in Shetland. April the twenty-fifth next year there will be a partial eclipse and October the eighteenth will be a penumbral one meaning that the sun is on one side of the earth and the moon is at the opposite side of planet earth.

Keep your eyes open on the twenty-eighth of September, 2015 as there will be a total lunar eclipse which will let all the bad luck fall upon us - if you believe in that sort of thing.

I believe in it but I call it marriage :))

Oh, I nearly forgot to say that there will be a total eclipse of the sun on the twentieth of March, 2015. Remember to get some new batteries for your torch!!!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Serco Northlink Ferries

At last, at long, long last it has been announced that people travelling on Serco Northlink Ferries between Shetland, Orkney and Aberdeen in Scotland, no longer need to provide photographic ID to allow them to get on board the ferry that they have bought the ticket for.

It was farcical in the first place. You don't need ID to get a taxi and you don't need ID to get on the bus (just yet) so what justified the demand for ID to get on a ferry that never leaves the country that we live in, in the first place? Sorry, I cannot work out what goes behind it - other than the stupidity and big-headedness that goes with the company running the ferries, of course!!!

In a couple of days I hope to be on the bus into Lerwick, the only real town in Shetland. If they demand any ID other than my bus pass then I'll let you know.