Friday, 18 May 2012

Looking out the window

I was looking out of the window to see what I needed to wear when I went down to the shop for my coffee and it was beautiful. Blue sky and the sun beaming down with just a light breeze so just a sweat-shirt to get me along to the shop and back.

I strode out of the front door, thinking about thing like suntan lotion for perhaps the first twenty-five yards and then I broke into a jog because sunshine or not, it was bloody cold, averaging four or five degrees.

I bought the coffee, told everyone in sight that I was a fitness freak and ran home before I froze to death.

This changes my plans to move the pansy's and the black viola's outside at this point in time. Possibly in a week or two it will have warmed up a little and the plants will hopefully survive.

Not at the moment though, regardless of sunlight :(

Just to get some odds and ends

As usual, it's all my fault. I went down to the local shop yesterday, just to get some odds and ends - and I came  home without coffee. No coffee, will I survive, will I chew my right hand off???

It is a really beautiful day today so I'm going to nip down and get the coffee and enjoy the trip as I go - and when I get back I'll make a really strong cuppa to stop the shakes :))

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Damn, I missed it

Damn, I missed it. Two robins, fighting to get at their favourite perch on the feeder. I rushed for my mobile with the camera on it and when I got back there was one in place, smiling, and the other was sitting on the fence, waiting.

It makes me think when I see thing like that. It makes me think just how like them we are, fighting and shouting for whatever we want, not afraid to put our demands on the table or stand there and shout and bawl about it.

The only difference is, we can't fly.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm having another breakdown

Awe jings, it's half past nine in the morning and I'm having a breakdown. Can I take it? Will I last until tea-time? We'll wait and see!!!

I suffer from hay-fever and part of that is house dust, carpet bugs and bed bugs and a bloke living on his own is a bit of a disaster and I admit it - I am that man!!! So today I am dealing with the problem. I'm washing the bedding, vacuuming the carpets, the sofa, seats, chairs, stairs and the bed. If it stay still, I'll vacuum it. If it doesn't stay still then I'll chase it and then vacuum it.

I don't want to do any sneezing tonight - or wheezing or scratching for that matter ;))

I've done the hall and the living room, even the kitchen and when I finish my cuppa I'm heading up the stairs to vacuum the bedroom carpet, the matress and the pillows - and I will stand proud.

I will stand proud and tell everyone - everyone - that I have spent the morning reading the news and drinking tea :))

Monday, 14 May 2012

The sun and the rain and the wind

What has happened to Hillswick, here in Shetland. It's supposed to be the end of spring with summer starting next month and.......

And the wind is gusting 30 to 40mph and because of that it makes the cool weather feel bloody cold. The clouds are light but where is that sun, it's not been seen yet today and surprise, surprise - it's just started pouring with rain again. By the time the summer weather starts, Santa Claus will be getting stuck in my chimney.

Maybe it's just a bad start to the year. Maybe the second half will be all sweetness and light, the sun will come out and not be troubled for three months and we'll spend a fortune on suntan lotion.

Aye, maybe ;))

Or maybe it'll just settle a little bit, maybe the wind will slow down and if it does that then it won't feel so cold. Here in Shetland it might even feel warm - if the wind slows down a bit.

As I see it, it's just one of those years, all a bit pear-shaped regardless of what you try for, what you want and what you hope for.

I'm just glad that I've got a clothes drier because outside, all it would get is a rinse :))