Saturday, 28 April 2012

The birds are alright

Well, the birds are alright now but what about the trees? I'll have to do a bit more looking after them, just so that they get used to my garden.

I planted three willows along with the rest of them last year and they are still with us but only one of them is the same height, the other two are now shorter which is a real heartbreaker.

Right up at the top of the two, they were dying and had to be cut and they ended up to be half the height. I'm very worried about the remaining tall one, mainly because of what happened to the other two, I think.

I'm going out now to look after them as best I can, them and the other two as well, the Austrian Pines and the black hawthorns.

Any disasters and I'll let you know immediately.

Fingers crossed, eh ;)) 

Friday, 27 April 2012

Whew, they're not put out

Whew, they're not not put off or out at all. Three or four of them have just been back for a quick bite. They came in fast, had a bite or two and left. I thought to myself, "That wasn't much!!!" but a few seconds later and they were back again.

I've been trying to get a picture or two of them but today they same to be quite shy. Perhaps they didn't have the time to do their hair just right this morning ;))

As soon as I get a good picture of them for you, I'll put it up, ok :))

I'm delighted

Oh magic, I'm absolutely delighted. I had run out of bird food so my wee flying friends stopped coming around to say "Hello, have you filled our feeder yet?" but today a big bag of it arrived. I promptly filled the feeder!!!

It has been about ten minutes since it was filled and the robins are so chuffed. There are a couple of sparrows, well, I've just looked out again and they are not so keen.

This is summer feed and it has been winter feed that I've been putting out for the last six weeks or so. This time of year I expected them to change their choice as the flowers and plants started to show their faces. They have been in and had a poke around and then buzzed off.

Perhaps they had found some earlier and had eaten then came around just to see what was on offer today.

Fingers crossed, eh ;))

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A month or two ago

A month or two ago, I was asked for a wee snapshot of  one or two of the trees that I have growing in my back garden and believe it or not, I've finally gotten round to doing the job.

Firstly, I took a shot of one of this years trees, an Austrian Pine, tiny but beautiful. There are a good few more but this one will be shown again and again.

Then I took a shot of one of last years Scots Pines, the remaining one, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, I left the picture on the table, went in to make myself a cup of coffee and, would you believe it, it blew off the table as the bin man passed by and all that I was quick enough to do was get a quick snap of the truck it took to carry it up the road.

Just as well that I was out as fast as I was or you would have thought that I had ballsed it right up, eh ;))

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Early Gardening

I've just been around the garden and the willows actually have a chance. I pruned them back a bit because the very top of both was a bit iffy but we'll see.

Both of the black hawthorns are a surprise, a real surprise. One of then was just a stick and the other was a dead stick but in a week they've made a good difference and are coming on a treat. I don't know if it's the temperature or the sunlight but they're doing well.

The Austrian Pine are a mess, they are a disaster.The black viola's are going to take over if the pansy's, which are doing quite well, don't beat the pines first. The dead Scot's Pine is doing better than the Austrian ones. There are a couple that might live to tell the tale but.......

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A tiny wee black viola

At last. At long, long last a tiny wee black viola has shown its head. I'm sure that you know what it's like. You spend a fortnight getting half a dozen wee pots ready, you plant the seeds, go to bed and when you get up in the morning and nothing has shown -  bang, immediately you get paranoid.

But today I can proudly announce that after about a couple of weeks, one has, at last but looking cheerie, shown its head. My hope is rising. Now I'll have to have a look around the rest of the pots because there are a few more to be checked and the heart is beating ;))

Now I won't settle again for ages, waiting, hoping for a few more to show their gorgeous wee green heads. And it won't be long until they get re-potted into into something a little larger.

And when September, or possibly October comes along they'll be planted outside where they will sleep over the winter and spring will eventually arrive and they'll burst into flower :))

Hopefully ;)

Monday, 23 April 2012

It's been confirmed

Jings, it has been confirmed. I am I am inherently stupid. I wanted a greenhouse but because of the weather up here in Shetland, you need to be quite careful.

I spotted a tiny one that I could fix to the house wall at a good price and that really took me so I promptly ordered - a spare cover for it. It was delivered today. Jings, crivens, I can be useless without trying.

The wee greenhouse will hopefully get here before winter. :(

And if it does, then I will promptly put a smile on my face, put the greenhouse up and hopefully get some plants to grow.

And keep me happy ;))