Saturday, 17 March 2012

T.V Licensing Harassment Division

They are still at it, they are still sending threatening letters, trying to harass you into doing what they want you to do - but you are not legally required to do what they want and that is the reason that I will not play ball with them.

What a load of garbage. I am not breaking the law and as I mentioned to you when I first brought this subject up and I told them that when they phoned, explaining to them just what the situation was and the fact that it was unlikely to change - but if it did and I therefore needed a telly license then I would get one, pronto.

They obviously didn't listen as they continue to spew out this threatening, harassing crap.

I told them the first time around that I do not watch the telly. That might be a bit strange, a bit odd even. Perhaps it is only people with mental health problems that don't watch the telly.

Well then, that's me, I'm obviously one of them - but I am not breaking the law.

I am, quite legally, not watching the telly and I'm doing it without a license.

I am also, quite legally, not responding to their threats and I never will. I provided the information once. I did it courteously and willingly but I don't like being threatened, harassed, pestered and pushed around, time after time after time.

And don't forget, it's all funded by the BBC. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Are British Telecom getting worse?

It's absolutely amazing just what British Telecom sell you - and then you see what you actually get. I've written about this before, possibly because it gets the frustration out of me and possibly because it actually lets everyone know what the truth is, instead of the crap that they tell you.

It certainly makes you aware of the difficulties we in Shetland have in getting anything that is useable from the internet.

Despite the promises, despite the promises that we pay for every month.

Despite the hope in our hearts.

This is the best of three tests. Just as well the post box is just up the road :(

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Energy in the sea

Scotland, Orkney and Shetland are surrounded by energy in the sea and ocean and it is really good to see it being used as a source of power. It is long-lasting and there is no pollution caused by extracting energy from these sources either.

I hope that Vattenfall succeed in getting it in place soon, supplying clean, free-from-source to Scotland and the islands sooner, rather than later.

I would also hope that the users, people like you and me, will be able to see a cut in cost of power coming from sources such as this.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Minimum pricing bill for alcohol

Spotted a very interesting point agreed by the Scottish government just now. The minimum pricing bill for alcohol will pass its first major parliamentary hurdle without opposition.

Personally, I think that is great. The sooner that alcohol stops being sold at  ridiculously cheap prices to lure in both ordinary customers and alcoholics like me, therefore making the problem some have even worse. 

These cheap prices, designed to encourage customers to buy there, are probably very effective but the damage that they cause is massive.

This will help to diminish the problem. It won't end it but it will help. 

Oil industry protection, assistance and rescue

I just spotted an article in the BBC News online that could cause problems, both here in Shetland and in Scotland as a whole.

The oil industry needs protection, assistance and rescue in all weathers. I don't think it is in any way acceptable to consider changing that.

You do have to look after your fellow man. You cannot say "It's too windy."

Monday, 12 March 2012

How technology hits us

It really is a bit of a surprise sometimes, just how the other half face moving forward in life, how they face change and how they take on the revelations in technology.


Technology overload staff pining for the typewriter

ONE in seven office workers are suffering “technology fatigue” and dream of a return to the age of the typewriter, a survey has found.
A poll of more than 400 office workers found that 15 per cent of employees struggled to keep up with technology-driven changes in the workplace.
The study, by, also revealed that the analogue age is still very much alive in Britain’s offices, with almost three-quarters of workers stating they could not cope without pen and paper.
While 85 per cent of people said they wanted to keep the office luxuries of the digital age, 73 per cent admitted that would struggle to get through the working day without a handy piece of A4.
“I am not surprised that such a large majority of people wanted to work in the 21st century, in fact, our dependency on technology is astonishing,” said a spokesman from “We all know how frustrating it is when our internet fails or our emails go down – everything seems to just grind to a halt.”
He added: “I can never see pen and paper going out of fashion; however, I was shocked to see that the majority of people could do without the fax machine, an item which only 20 years ago was an office essential.”
The poll also showed that the two office items the majority of employees could do without were the humble pencil sharpener and the fax machine.

We can't point a finger at them just yet, I don't think. I bet that we all know where to find a pencil - just in case we need it, of course!!!

Nicola Sturgeon believes that only independence will save the Scottish NHS

Ms Sturgeon strongly believes that the Coalition’s health reforms present a “very real risk” to Scotlands NHS and stated that separation was the only way “Tory policies can’t damage our health service.”

Unfortunately, Westminster is still providing Holyrood’s grant to fund the Scottish NHS, which makes it a real health killer. The real improvements to health and other devolved policy areas like education will only improve, as they should, when the Union is dissolved.

Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s deputy leader also stated that Scottish separation would, at last, bring an end to poverty and ”put a stop to heartless Tory welfare reforms” coming in to supposedly cut the annual £110 billion benefits costs.

It carries on proving that Scotland has to be a Nation Alone.