Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Weather

Since I last wrote this morning, I've been out and down to the local shop to buy bread and milk, you know, all the fun things in life. When I was out it was absolutely still and the sun was beaming out so I've made plans. Tomorrow morning I'll have a reasonably early breakfast and be out the door sharpish to walk from Hillswick to Eshaness It will be a lovely walk, about six miles there so twelve altogether and halfway there is a smashing place, the Braewick Cafe that sells smashing teas and coffees. Not only that but good food too. No doubt I'll have a cuppa both on the way there and on the way back too.

Middle-age student

Living up here in Shetland as a middle-age student works really well. Studying while living on your own means no disturbance, you are free to get on with it as you choose, take a break when you choose, take a walk and think through what you have just learned, again as you choose and all as it suits you. And as an old-aged, middle-aged student like me, it really works.

Things have changed so much in the world, thanks to the computer, that living up here is not as it used to be. Anything that you require, from clothing to furniture, whatever, is available on the internet. Shetland is no longer restricted as it was before. We no longer need to get on the boat and go down to Aberdeen - or Edinburgh, as we used to be able to many years ago. We just order on-line and live with the rest of the world.

Now it's time to do something useful I think. Time to make breakfast and today I fancy a large bowl of - porridge!!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

No snow

They said it, they stood up on the telly and said it, they made the announcement on the internet, on their blog, everywhere and - it rained. Let's hope, fingers crossed, that next time they tell us things like that then the Weather forecast will be right because I'm a big kid, love the snow, I always have, no doubt always will.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Snowball fights

I've just read the BBC's weather report on-line and tomorrow it reckons there will be snow - BRILLIANT!!!