Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's Sunday tomorrowI

Goodness, it's Sunday tomorrow - or is that off with the change of time.

Ah well, I suppose that we can only hope.

Saturday morning and the beginning of spring

It's Saturday morning and the beginning of spring. The sun is showing on the water and it's warming up.

It is calm and mild and will be a beautiful day if the sun stays with us which, hopefully, it will.

What a sight for 6.00am.

You don't get sights like this everywhere you know. Wonder how well my trees will grow now, if at all. They spent a year on my doorstep but it was time to move them, they didn't look too good yesterday, to be honest they looked as if they were coming to an end so they are in the garden now. Fingers crossed that they will survive.

I won't mention the other two or three that have keeled over!!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Two trees planted

That's them planted now. No doubt that they will spring into death within the next couple of weeks but nobody can say that I did anything better than bugger all useful.

I must admit that I do hope that it makes a comeback as it will break the wind when I'm out sunning myself - when the sun comes out again - the day after I've collected my thirty-sixth payment of my retirement pension - which probably won't exist then.

And before I run away and hide, I do have to apologise to a very small mistake I made on the last post. It isn't a Scots Fir as I called them - it is actually a Scots Pine on its last legs.

I really will be delighted if the one showing and its pal come on. They will do what was first intended and that was to break the wind - and they will cheer me up immensely by not keeling over in the first fortnight

A big decision

That's it, I've made a big decision. Instead of sitting on my fat arse all afternoon, I'm going to stand on it instead.

I have two Scots Firs in pots at the front door and at present they don't look too well at all. In the garden they will get watered better as it rains a little more often than I get the hose out. It's rained this year and that says it all, I think. Therefore, they might recover, you never know.

Fingers crossed, eh.

Maybe the sun will stay out

I think that it will be a "little said" day today because it is nice and sunny so you might find me in the back garden, irritating the birds or the sheep that are staring at me from the other side of the fence.

Then again, I might just sleep in the sun, if it stays out of course ;)

18th Century Cittern

This is a chap playing some old Scottish tunes on an old Scottish cittern. I think that it's really good and makes me want to get the dancing shoes on (even though I can't dance to save myself!!!), it is a pity that we don't hear more of this sort of music!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I've been, I've gone and I've come back

Goodness, you would not believe it!!!

I mentioned earlier that I had to head into the metropolis as I'd run out of milk for the coffee and I did that. I also got some odds and sods to keep me out of trouble. You know, brown bread (the sort I like, Hovis. They don't make them up here, we have to get them brought in, hopefully fresh), spam and some carrots too. It'll save all the hassle at dinner tonight.

I was lucky when I left, there was one petrol pump free, not something that you often see these days but there you go, it was there ready for the next driver this afternoon, this week, whenever.

I headed off home again, hoping that I could get in before it rained again this year and it wasn't a problem at all.

By the time I got in I was gasping for a cup of tea so that was what I made for myself, a good strong cuppa that I was glad of in this booming metropolis called Hillswick.

The booming metropolis of Hillswick

Today really is a bad hair day. There is no milk left and I'm a coffee addict so there is only one way around it. I'll have to struggle into the booming metropolis of Hillswick, here in Shetland.

Goodness knows how long it will take me to get there and back and what means of transport will be available I don't know.

As soon as I've conquered the problem, I'll let you know, ok  

What the U.K does to us, designed by Osbourne.

I didn’t pick this one up yesterday because I was more interested in what he was doing to Scotland, but this does affect Scotland, it affects the pensioners in Scotland who might be your mother or father, it might be both of them or it might be your granny or granddad and what he has done is utterly disgusting.

The current rate for over-65’s is £10,500 per annum while the over-75’s get £10,660. Those of us that retire in the future will not claim the higher rate, they will, from April 2013, get the new rate. It is a booming £9,200.

Is that not great. The price of everything, including food, goes up while their pension goes down, in effect, a cut in income.

That is what the U.K does to us. That was designed by Osbourne.

Scotland, a nation alone.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I've goofed big-style

I've got it wrong, I've goofed big-style folks so I'd better get on my knees and beg for forgiveness.

It would appear that all the good news that I came out with is not quite what it seems to be. Yes, it all exists, yes, it's all true and correct but - and this is the big bit - it has to be checked through Westminster which means that it is in purely to keep us happy, to stop us moaning and complaining.

It is a sop, it is a lie to the Scots like you and I who understand what we are and who we are, where we come from and why it is the nation that it is, it is purely to shut us up and maintain control of us, to keep us as part of the U.K.

I did get one bit right though.

The bit about the airguns ;)  

One last thing. David Cameron states that George Osbourne's budget is "full of ideas" but, as David Cameron is known to do, he doesn't state whether they are good ideas or not. I think that we know the answer to that.

Some more info on the Scotland Bill

So, what are they going to try to palm us of with and stop us becoming a nation alone?

Well, Holyrood are getting the power to deal with borrowing and income tax. That means that there will be new rates of income tax. There will also be the power to create new taxes.

Not only that but Scotland will have the power to control - wait for it - air guns. The Tories ain't messing around here, are they.

We will also have a role to play in the new appointments for the BBC and the Crown Estate. In other words, we can recommend someone and they can tell us to bugger off.

They are trying to stop us from going for independence, while in fact they are strengthening our wish for, our need for and our fight for independence.

We will leave them. It won't hurt us - and we won't go back.

The Isle of Shetland

I see that Specsavers are going to the Isle of Shetland. Now, I'm not quite sure where that is. I'm here on the Shetland Islands, different place altogether.
Certainly, the Isle of Shetland is not around here but you know what? I think that they've made a great big mistake. I think that they mean Shetland, or perhaps the Shetland Islands but it's always a good reason to have a laugh, isn't it!!!

When you think about it, they've been coming up here for years and doing a very good job too, except for the prices of course.

I hope that I'm right and they are coming here. If they are going to the Isle of Shetland then why did they send me the advert - and how far will I have to row.

Opticians - and they can't see where they're going. Oh, I'll laugh all day, I will.

Now, where are my specs???

The Nation of Scotland

I'm stuck to the computer today, as I suspect that we, Scotland, will get a relatively good deal in the budget.

It will only be an attempt to stop us becoming a nation alone. Personally, as a Scotsman from birth, I believe that is what we should be, the Nation of Scotland.

That is who we are, always have been and always will be - The Nation of Scotland!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

They have made promises

The Tories have done it again. They have made promises and turned them into lies. The Prime Minister, David Cameron promised Alex Salmond £300million of funding for infrastructure projects but where is it now.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has dismissed the representations for funding for the projects after his superior made the promises.

Wonder who the boss really is?

Or who thinks that he is the boss???

Talk about looking after your fellow man

That's great, absolutely wonderful. Talk about looking after your fellow man. The tug has gone from the Western Isles and will, very soon, be leaving the Shetland Islands.

The tug is required in Shetland for safety purposes. Surely it doesn't cost that much to run the tug and therefore save lives?

But what's a life worth???

Monday, 19 March 2012

At last!!!

At last they, the BBC have finally managed to include Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Didn't take long but it did display how useless they are when they can miss the capital.

Another reason for independence :(

Another Beeb error

Goodness, the BBC forgot to mention Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland in their article about the Olympic torch going around the U.K before the start somewhere in England. I think that they're hoping to do it around the south end of the U.K.

Don't know what we will call Britain after we attain independence though.

Any suggestions???

The Scottish spaceman could only afford one wheel

Sunday, 18 March 2012


I go for an awful lot of poetry but I came across this and I really enjoyed it. I even smiled a few times.
It's by glennlogan 
No god I know is still alive -
all five thousand and seven
appear to have died.

The great god Huitzilopochtli 
led the Aztecs' divine pack -
but He departed awhile back.

Zeus was fun, and had His run, 
but while disguised as a swan,
they say, His neck got wrung.

Pluto - God of the Underworld, 
offended the ladies of Hades,
and got buried in his own Hell.

Thor, I'm told, was big and bold,
but going out without a cloak, 
they say, He died of the cold.

And ghosts of dead Indian gods 
can't even haunt a decent tepee, 
and many die on late night T.V.

No prisoners tremble on the altar
when their beating hearts are torn
to join Tezcatlipoca in the sky.

And no children scream as they 
are loaded onto the simple machine
that feeds them to Moloch's fire.

And for ancient Greece's Dionysus, 
no drums sound, no flute plays -
but, oh, weren't those the days!

The goddesses, too, we must include,
for all were dear to some, and lived 
in our hearts until the time had come.

There was Athena , Gaia, and Kore,
Xochiquetzal, Minerva, and Astarte, 
Ixtab, Kuan Yin, and Kali of course. 

Five thousand gods and goddesses - 
maybe ten or a hundred fifty thousand 
or more, there might have been. 

But the goddesses and gods have all 
gone, one by one, until there are none 
but those that are still willed alive.

- Gods and goddesses kept alive 
by people still believing - still 
trusting - in their own creations.

Pinocchio becomes god of the wood, 
while Pygmalion falls on his knees 
before his goddess of stone, Galatea. 

We remember the Loving Mother 
and the Father the All-Mighty 
looming large in an infant's eyes.

For each girl-woman makes the God 
she craves and needs - then kneels 
before Him and says, "Oh, please!"

And each boy-man makes himself
a Goddess that he wishes,
giving a Mother's hugs and kisses.

And older men and women tend 
to make our gods with 
wrinkled brow and constant pout.

Still we always make our gods 
to look a lot like me and you - 
one head, one mouth, two eyes.

But the god of songbirds flies, 
and the gods of all the fishes 
must swim through ocean skies.

The god of cattle may be a bull, 
or just maybe it's a cow - 
I can't hope to settle that now. 

But I am well informed by 
one who ought to know:
the god of dogs is a bitch!

God laughs? Not on your life!
The joke's on us - but I'm told
She's heard this joke before!

I hope that you enjoyed it at least half as much as I did.