Friday, 20 May 2011

Alistair Buchan

Jings, crivens, help ma boab, I'd no longer commented on the fact that he hasn't blogged lately than wham, bang - it's right out there. Now, the question that we have to ask is, was his weekly blog, as usual, a week late, or possibly, did he read my blog and feel that he'd been spotted - not doing the job that he'd actually promised. Now before I go any further I have to point out that I had not been paid to point this out in any way, I had not been paid to make him look small in any way - I do all these things quite naturally!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shetland Islands Council Chief Executive's Blog

It's very good, Alistair Buchan putting out his blog for us to read and enjoy, and making sure that we have the information that he wants us to have (truth - well maybe?) but the header states "Weekly Updates from Chief Executive Alistair Buchan". It would appear that the Shetland week is longer than anybody else's.

When will it come out again - or - Will it come out again?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Norwegian visitors pay tribute to Shetland Bus operation

May 17th, 2011 by Jim Tait 

A crowd of Norwegian visitors celebrated their country’s independence day with a march through Lerwick town centre today.
The group arrived the previous day on a number of boats, including the Helandwhich is of special significance to Shetlanders, being a veteran of the Shetland Bus operation during World War II.
The parade began at 10am at Victoria Pier, headed through Commercial Street and the Esplanade and back to the pier where the Norwegian national anthem was sung. The event was recorded for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, to be shown on television in the country.
In the afternoon, the visitors laid a wreath at the Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway in memory of those who lost their lives during World War II. They then headed back to Lerwick were, accompanied by members of the Norwegian-Shetland Association, they laid flowers on the Norwegian war graves.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


I've just heard that Stiff Little Fingers are looking to come up to Shetland and play in Lerwick in the autumn, now  that looks good to me. I remember them in the 80's, I loved them and it's good to see that they're still running.

Now I feel my age, oh gawd!!!

Stiff Little Fingers history
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