Saturday, 9 March 2013

Should have waited

I should have waited a few minutes before I put out the last blog. Then I could have mentioned that the sky was going to be covered over by clouds, throwing snow everywhere.

I can't complain, I love it and hope that by tomorrow it is at the very least, six feet deep and lasts for a week. That's Shetland weather for you, always paradise :))

More Mistakes

I've done it again, I thought that spring was with us so I put the peppermint and the strawberry seeds that I'd just potted out to the wee greenhouse-on-the-wall that I'd recently put up. They haven't risen yet, not a single one of them has even stuck a finger up to test the temperature.

Peppermint leaves
Perhaps they know the truth, perhaps they know all too well that it's too bloody cold for them to come up yet. If they wait another month then they will come up smiling and the paranoia will leave me alone, at least I hope that it will leave me alone.

That's Shetland for you :))