Saturday, 14 April 2012

It is illegal for the BBC to knowingly cause harassment

They have been at me again and in doing so they have illegally threatened me. And they do so, illegally, on behalf of their employer, the BBC, who, as I understand it, are as good as part of the government. I'll show you what they have spewed out this time.

It is illegal to harass people but these people do it, again and again and again, to people like you and me who are perhaps not interested in watching the telly. Who perhaps have better to do with themselves than to sit and stare at Coronation Street or enjoy watching the rugby or the football, perhaps even need to know just which cuddy has run off with this weeks wages.

There are, of course, great amounts that are shown on the telly that you don't need a license for, anything that has been shown before which means that the only things you need a license for are the horses and the news, oh, and sometimes the football. Not the adverts because we've all seen them before.

I mentioned before that I don't need a license. I don't need one because I do not watch the telly - at all. If I don't need one then I will not have one - after all, why should I - but that does not stop the Scotland North Harassment Division of T.V Licensing, nee Capita, 71 Victoria Street, Westminster,  London SW1H 0XA. That's who Sarah Armstrong works for, she signs the letters. Regional Enforcement Manager is a big name for signing and posting the letters. Wonder if she licks the stamps too?

If you get caught, it wasn't me that suggested pissing in their letter-box, ok ;))

And don't forget, the BBC are Capita's employer. Capita, or T.V Licensing as they like to be called are just a plain and simple, common old company.

Friday, 13 April 2012

You don't need to do it after all

Sorry to get you all on the go but you don't need to make all those sandwiches after all. The plants are all planted, as are the cacti. If and when they ever pop up then I'll let you all know and we'll have a cup of tea in celebration.

Now I'll pester everyone while I wait for them all to raise there beautiful wee heads. Be warned - there'll be no sleep for a few weeks until they pop up to say "Hello!!!" to us.

Lazy Bugger

What a lazy bugger I am. I've done nothing whatsoever to get the pansy's or the viola's, even the cactus going. At this rate they'll be just as nice in the packets next year as they are now!!!

But that is not going to happen - oh no, when I put this computer down I will kick it off like there is no tomorrow so anyone coming around with some mince and tatties tonight, I love you - the same is true of anyone delivering breakfast tomorrow morning, plenty salt in the porridge please and it will be completed by the weekend.

Just hope that it grows ;))

Although, looking at them now, there's a very good chance that some of them might actually stay in the house, they look too good to go outside in this weather. We'll see and we'll hope.

Daffs and Pine trees

It's a windy day and the sun is only occasionally out but there is one thing that I am really enjoying while sitting here with my coffee.

There are two trees that are right in front of me and one of them is surrounded by daffodils. The daffs don't have that long to go I don't think but at the moment they are bright and cheerful and because the trees are so small and young they are enjoying quite a bit of protection from the wind. That is giving them some time to root properly.

Not this Christmas but the next, they are going to look really special if they keep it up. If they do it'll cost me a fortune so don't be surprised if you see me down at Commercial Street with the hat out and the fiddle or the sax giving it big licks.

Just remember how much you care ;))

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Black viola's

I had an epileptic seizure yesterday so today I'm not going out to do the work needed in the back garden. Instead, I'm going to sit here in my chair and fiddle around with my computer and look out the window and enjoy the sight of two of the pines that are at the top of the garden.

If all goes well, I'll go out at the weekend and do what needs to be done and tomorrow I'll get the pansy's, the clematis and my favourites, the black viola's started. I must admit that I'm looking forward the most to seeing  them flowering later on. There is also a new one that I've never tried before but they'll look good if they grow well and that is some cactus. I'm looking forward to seeing them, they'll be a little different.

But right now I'm going to see the doctor, with every intention of making a real nuisance of myself. That always brightens me up.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

That's me, off the bus again, two bags of compost, some seeds, a little bit of this and a little bit of that so it is possible that the back garden will start to look cared for again - perhaps.

The Austrian Pine are looking good. They look like they may do a bit better than last years Scots Pines, fingers crossed everyone, please!!!

I'm afraid that I'm not going to spend much time chatting tonight as I'm starving and need to get fed but no doubt that I'll be full of the usual tomorrow - no rude jokes please :)) 

Monday, 9 April 2012

McGuiness Flint

And the worst bit?

I was going to do the garden today but the rain is off and on - and the worst bit? It doesn't rain if I sit with a cup of tea but the minute that I go out the front door with all intentions good, the rain comes on again.

It's probably happened to us all when there has been something to do outside but it's a great thing to moan about.

I think that I'll just give up and stay inside and poke around with the computer. Radio Scotland is playing in the background which is good. I rarely listen to it but it carries on anyway and occasionally something will come up that I'm really interested in and it's there, waiting for me to listen to it. 

The sun is out again. I won't be conned this time.

I'm staying in, regardless!!!  

Easter Midden

Jimminy jings, I've gotten rid of all the problem that I had on my computer last week and I've just had a great surprise - It's Easter Monday and thanking whatever you choose to, the midden truck came round and picked up the rubbish that I'd put out this morning, just after I'd pulled my breeks on and right before I'd washed my armpits, thank goodness no-one had come around for a cup of tea at that point.

Surprising though, as it's Easter there is a lot closed, which makes it a bit of a pain in the proverbial but the shop is open and so is the doctor. Not only that, the binmen must be atheists like me, yeah, spot on :))