Saturday, 12 May 2012


Snowballs available from the top of Ronas Hill. £1.00 a shot + postage!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Weather ain't what it used to be

Not only is it blowing a gale but it's snowing as well - and it's ten days until summer starts but don't be silly and put your thermals away until next winter. The way that it's going, winter will go through spring, summer and autumn, meeting itself at the end of the year so be careful ;))

I have some black viola's to put out in the garden but the later that I do it this year, the better I think. They are coming on really well, as are the pansy's, but the closest they are getting just now is the front window.

So watch out everyone, weather ain't what it used to be :))

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The day has been saved

The day has been saved after all!!! I arrived in Lerwick and did what I had to do, jumped on the bus to Brae and got a lift home from there, brilliant. It's amazing how generous people can be ;))

Now that I'm home, I'll probably spend most of the day watching the birds feeding themselves. They still don't eat summer food as quickly as winter food. The winter food must have been smaller and therefore easier to get at. Doesn't matter though, they persevere and they win in the end.

Broken day

It's going to be a rather broken day today, I'm afraid. I have to pop into town, Lerwick, here in Shetland, to deliver a letter and unfortunately that will cost me the day. There is a bus into town that leaves here at 10.00am and there is a bus that will get me home for 17.00 and that is the best on offer on a Thursday.

I'm hoping that I can make use of my time in town. As it is a good morning here, hopefully it will be at least the same when I get there. If it is, then once business is dealt with, I fancy a wander down to the harbour and a good look around to see which boats are in. There may be none, they might well be out fishing but I'll find out when I'm there.

I hope that the sun stays out too.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

That was productive

I'm so glad that the sun came out. It encouraged me to go out and do some work and it was pretty productive. All I really did was get the strimmer out and tidy the grass around the edges, beside the fencing, the bits that are difficult with a lawn-mower.

It made a big difference. The whole place looks a lot tidier now so I'm glad that I went out and did it. There is still a whole lot more to do but there is rain on the way so that's me back in, drinking coffee.

I've used that excuse a few times before :))

What a change

It's stopped raining, the sky has cleared and the sun is beaming at the moment so I'm going to nip out and see if I can do any work in the garden this afternoon.

It has been a few days since I've been out there and it certainly makes a difference (and it's not a good one) over such a short time.

Right, must run before things change again ;))

A horrible today

I'm going to stay inside today, I'm not going outside. Since I got out of bed and looked out of the window, it's been raining continually. One other thing that I'm not going to do today is water the wee trees. They've possibly been drowned already this morning.

Just as well the computer is in front of me, it helps to keep me in touch with my reality - no-one elses, I must admit but my reality will keep me out of trouble and on track for a wee while.

It's great, it's the laptop, which means that I can do away and if I have to stop and think, I can peek out of the window and watch my friends with wings flying here and there, stopping when they are peckish to have a wee bite to eat out of the feeder.

Right, nuff said, it's time for a good strong cuppa :))

Oh, I forgot - it's @GeorgeHears if you're interested!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Aw jings

Aw jings, I've got to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau today to scrounge some advive. I may be back!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

We are into the second half of spring

Some year this is turning out to be. We are well into May, we are into the second half of spring and when I got up this morning it looked like there was potential.

The sun was creeping out from behind the clouds so I got all the rubbish ready to be picked up and took it out for collection. When I went out it was perfect, no wind at all, so still that you couldn’t believe it, beautiful. I’m back inside and it is lashing down with hailstones.

What is going on here? There is still no wind, you can see that from the way that the hail falls – straight down, no angle to it at all. I’m wondering how long it will last, will it continue and turn life into winter again or will it resort into rain and wash all the hail and icing away – or, with a little hope, will the sun come out and put a smile to life in the second half of spring, to our journey into summer.

I have a couple of flowers that are just about ready for planting out, black viola’s and pansy’s. If it stays like this it will be a bit too cold for them.

But the second half of spring, with the sun putting just a wee bit of warmth around them, now that would be perfect.