Thursday, 20 June 2013

Simmer Dim

Firstly, I have to apologise to everyone for not writing here lately. I have had thoughts on other things and that has taken me elsewhere but I'm back, at least for today.

Today we will enjoy Simmer Dim. The sun came up this morning at about 03.35 and will go down again at around 22.38 this evening. The sun will be back up tomorrow morning at 03.36 which means that tonight will be very short indeed.

It certainly won't be very dark tonight, regardless of the weather. There are twenty-three and a quarter hours of visible light today and I personally see it as a twenty-four hour day because, to me anyway, it won't get truly dark tonight. Dusky perhaps but enough light to stop me getting lost.

I am hoping that tonight the weather will be good as I would like to be out for a few hours tonight to enjoy Simmer Dim. If it happens the way that I would like then I'll tell you all about it tomorrow and hopefully have some photo's to show you.

A Black Country Lad Explores; The Wildlife of Shetland's Simmer Dim

The Simmer Dim

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